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Financial Management

CDI's Accounts Payable Module is a high-productivity accounting solution that helps maintain strong controls, maximize vendor discounts, prevent duplicate payments, and pay for only goods and services ordered and received, while still maintaining the flexibility needed to ensure ease of use. Among this system's unique features are Gateway to Purchases Journal, Payments Journal, Check Processing, Payment Register, and Bank Reconciliation.

Accounts Payable Module

  • Provides robust accounting features to streamline your entire cash flow process and help you save money. Accounts Payables powerful library of accounting and reporting features facilitates rapid entry of vendor invoices, flexible cash disbursement and full check reconciliation.
  • With this comprehensive financial management tool, you can prioritize payments, use discounts effectively, negotiate terms and keep service tax withhold amounts automatically for vendors that are subject to retention reporting—all in a timely manner. With its powerful accounting and reporting features, Accounts Payable makes it easier to manage the detailed information your company requires.
  • Improve your control over expenses with up-to-the-minute information.
  • CDI Premium helps you make smarter and faster decisions about your payables.  Manage your vendors more effectively and provide effort-saving automation of many routine or complex tasks, which helps ensure a greater return on your investment.
  • Distribute expenses to an unlimited number of accounts based upon items purchased.
  • Pay C.O.D invoices immediately, using either manual or computer checks even prior to receiving the goods.
  • Check disbursements through system-generated and / or manual check processing.
  • Void payments and transactions and automatically reverse all associated accounting entries even after posting.
  • Use a built-in bank reconciliation feature to reconcile by check date, check number, and amount.
  • Create periodic transactions as leases, subscriptions, Rent etc. and submit checks automatically when date is due.
  • Simultaneously process multiple payments, with automatic document updates and complete pass-through transaction tracking to purchase documents.
  • Apply selected debit memos (vendor credits) to outstanding vendor invoices.
  • Make payments for multiple outstanding vendors invoices with a single check.
  • Use a pre-check register report prior to printing checks to prevent unwanted payments and voided checks.
  • Maintain a payment register for quick reference to any payments.
  • Search for documents by vendor, account name and vendor invoice number.
  • Check a vendor's payment history from anywhere in the program. CDI Premium instantly updates and displays current vendor aging with all open documents Use CDI Premium's invoice description capability for description of an invoice.
  • Follow a document's complete accountability trail - who, what, where, and when.

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Accounts Receivable Module

CDI’s Accounts Receivable is a full-function receivable system that improves cash flow, tracks delinquent accounts, and provides immediate information required to make sound business decisions. Among this system's unique features are:

  • Automatically calculate invoice due dates and early payment discounts.
  • Instantly view and invoice’s entire transaction history, with related payments and credits.
  • Automatically add invoices to system journals for review prior to posting.
  • Eliminate under and over payments, as well as unrecorded and duplicate payments, maintain a clear and concise audit trail store all pertinent customer data in a customer profile, ensuring that sales documents contain the correct payment terms, contact information, ship-to address and shipping method.
  • Either use the company's own customer account numbering (alphanumeric) system or have a sequential numbering system generated by the system.
  • Specify user-defined payment terms and unique discount criteria (If at the time of collection, the discount criteria have been met, the system will prompt the user appropriately).
  • Produce monthly customer statements with all relevant account information, including A/R aging, payment history, and monthly transactions.
  • Distribute revenue and costs to an unlimited number of accounts based upon the item code, item category, salesman customer type and many more.
  • Accrue liability and create expenses for miscellaneous costs associated with non-inventoried items like freight and labor charges to provide an accurate up to the minute results on your financial statements.
  • View on-line posted and net customer balance information. CDI Premium's unique journalized processing method maintains up to the minute balances without the delays associated with conventional batch processing methods.
  • Import capability for A/R and recurring sales transactions.
  • Pay an order or invoice immediately, considering previous deposits and partial payments (System allows an unlimited number of payments on an order or invoice).
  • Simultaneously accept payments from customers for multiple documents with automatic document updates and complete pass-through transaction tracking of the invoice .
  • Apply customer credits to multiple sales documents.
  • Maintain a payment register that allows quick reference to any payments received, with advanced search capabilities for locating credit card charge-backs, insufficient funds, or other payment information .
  • Receive a receipts report with an exact breakdown of all funds collected for each payment method - including, but not limited to, cash, checks, or credit cards .
  • Search for documents by customer and document number, account name,  and PO numbers, and home or work phones .
  • Check a customer's payment history from anywhere in the program. (CDI Premium shows a customer's A/R aging, with all open documents allowing immediate decision-making).
  • Follow a document's complete accountability trail - who, what, where, and when .

General Ledger Module

CDI’s Business Suite is a modular enterprise software application that supports end-to-end industry processes. This means you’re General Ledger system will be completely integrated with all other CDI Modules. This helps your company execute strategies that save operational costs and stimulate productivity, without the complexity of managing multiple technology platforms.

You can add innovations incrementally to CDI software by adding modules, so you can scale your operations quickly and respond to changing business conditions without disruption. CDI’s Business Suite provides better overall transparency across organizations, helps improve operational effectiveness, and increases the flexibility to adapt to today's business challenges. Efficient finance operations provide the foundation for financial excellence. Without effective and streamlined financial business processes that enable you to reduce costs and resource demands, it's difficult to achieve the more advanced objectives of your enterprise.Manual processes prevent Finance from becoming a strategic partner to the business. CDI software and services enables you to streamline and improve accuracy of financial processes, such as reporting cycles and receivables; control and manage corporate spend; and realize economies of scale.

  • Meets company specific requirements with a flexible and easy-to-create chart of accounts.
  • Instantly view and invoice’s entire transaction history, with related payments and credits.
  • Provides separate ledgers for multiple companies.
  • Supports cost and profit centers with departmentalized accounting.
  • Implements 12 monthly user definable financial periods.
  • Includes multiple layouts for balance sheets and income statements.
  • Allows you to design your own custom reports using the built-in report writer.
  • Incorporates a simple to use interface that enables you to print all viewed tables in a custom format.
  • Comprehensive audit trails: posted transactions retain the posting number and original journal number..
  • Maintains unlimited number of historical years.
  • Supports on-line balance and account inquiries and can show linked detail to the sub-ledger.
  • Performs automatic error trapping to ensure data integrity.
  • Allows only balanced postings to valid accounts.
  • Flexible account structure .
  • Powerful budgeting capabilities.
  • Extensive comparative & historical data .
  • Advanced Financial reporting.
  • Multi-company a support .
  • Upgrade from any prior version of CDI Software.
  • Ability in transaction history to drill down to the complete journal entry.

Purchasing Module

Satisfying the customer is imperative to your success. But doing so is also more challenging than ever. Not only are customers more demanding, and less easily satisfied, but they are also looking to the lowest possible price. All the while, you must harness and streamline an ever more complex, global supply chain.

Crucial information to a purchase should not be hard to get, it should be right at your fingertips. CDI Premium's Purchasing System automates the purchase order entry, purchase receipt, and inventory processes. The system provides the information necessary to make informed purchasing decisions, handling all associated background accounting and record keeping functions.  

  • Instantly know, while processing an order, any item's purchase history information including vendor, purchase date, PO numbers, purchase price, and quantity purchased Establish a complete document accountability trail: who, what, where, and when.
  • Independently change terms on a PO from vendor's default terms allowing users to change a net 30 account to net 45 for a single document.
  • Search for documents by vendor and document number, account name and many other fields.
  • Search for items by item code, category, description, model number and many other fields.
  • Instantly check payment history with a vendor, including A/P aging.
  • Centrally process orders for an unlimited number of locations with on-line lookup of stock levels, current quantities on order, and net availability information .
  • Keep an on-line periodic sales and purchase history for items and vendors.
  • Automatically generate and track back orders for partial receipts.
  • Provide users with in-line user-defined comments and document notation capability, as well as the ability to leave comments or instructions associated with a document.
  • Input manufacturer serial numbers for received materials. Once a serial number is entered (or scanned), all data, including place of purchase, vendor invoice number, sold-to information, customer invoice number, and warranty information can be retrieved at any time.
  • Input Sizes, color, or styles for clothing type of products.
  • Enter Weights for items sold by weight like poultry etc.
  • Maintain lot's inventory for lot control items like pharmaceutical products to control recalls as well as FIFO fulfilment.
  • Generate barcodes for inventoried items that do not have a manufacturer's upc code but require tracking by barcode.
  • Generate a complete list of required materials, allowing minimum reorder points and incorporating just-in-time materials planning.
  • Retrieve the actual purchase price of items being returned.
  • Incorporate item kit or set capabilities, allowing grouping an unlimited number of items into a kit. The kit can then be pulled into an order by a single keystroke to expedite the purchasing process .
  • Incorporate enterprise-wide document status capabilities to track and communicate with a multitude of criteria specific to your company (Reports are available to query-specific custom statuses for any document type).
  • Reports to notify prior to the receiving process if any items being received are on a customer sales document.
  • Full integration with Inventory Control and Accounts Payable Modules.
  • Automatic Calculation of Landed cost based on Dollar amount, weight, units, or volume.
  • Powerful audit trail capabilities.
  • Enter active purchase orders, standing purchase orders, future purchase orders, and blanket purchase orders.
  • Automatically update the amount spent and remaining on each blanket purchase order as you order additional items.
  • Create one purchase order from multiple requisitions.
  • Leave purchase orders open indefinitely until all items are received or cancel any remaining ordered items at any time.
  • Create consolidated receiving with automatic landed cost calculations.
  • Use non-inventory item numbers for one- time purchases, office supplies and on other occasions when you do not want to add the items to your regular inventory.
  • Enter dropship addresses for items, shipping directly from the vendor to an address you enter or an inventory location or to customers’ addresses or ship-to locations.
  • Automatically receive all items on a purchase order at once or receive partial purchase orders, entering quantities only for received items.
  • Receive items with or without entering a purchase order for them first.
  • Post multiple receipts to individual purchase orders.
  • Process adjustments to quantities, item costs and additional costs directly on the receipt or the return, rather than as separate inventory adjustments.
  • Enter additional costs, such as for freight, from multiple vendors to received inventory items on a single receipt and create a separate invoice for each vendor.
  • Allocate additional costs to received inventory items by quantity, weight, or cost.
  • Customize Purchase Orders to Your Business.
  • Order items in one unit of measure and receive your items in another unit with automatic conversion.
  • Print purchase orders, receiving slips, and mailing labels using standard Purchase Orders formats or design your own.
  • Incorporates Artificial Intelligence to provide inventory requirements based on projected Sales Forecasts, shipping delivery schedules reducing Inventory Investments and Stock Write Offs and increasing sales.
  • Flexible buying rules allow replenishment triggering and quantity ordering to be tailored to individual stock requirements.
  • Include all items on the sales order or those items that have a back ordered quantity or those items that have an insufficient inventory quantity.
  • Automatically create Purchase Orders for direct ship items sent directly from the supplier to the customer.

Warehouse Management System

CDI’s Warehouse Management System is a complete Warehouse Management System (WMS), not a stock locator or asset management package. It was designed to control the entire operation of any warehouse from 30,000 sq. ft to 1,000,000 sq. ft. Using radio frequency mobile computers as true intelligent clients rather than dumb terminals, or RFID, CDI’s WMS® can support anywhere from 5 to 800 concurrent users, making it the most scalable and cost-effective WMS of its kind. Not only does it have all the features you would expect in a high-end WMS for dedicated warehouses, but includes the additional features and functions not found in high end Inventory Control Packages. CDI’s WMS® has been developed to meet all the requirements for retail and wholesale clients and can handle food or non-food items (catch weights, serial numbers, sizes, etc).

It fully automates warehouses with electronic Put-Away, Picking, Retrieval and international best practices that provide processing efficiencies to your warehouse control operations. You’ll always know exactly what’s on hand and where to find it. Picking and put-away tasks are sent automatically to the warehouse staff by the radio frequency (RF) network as soon as they are cleared for shipping. Once completed, invoices are processed with complete accuracy and no delay. CDI’s WMS will manage your inventory maintaining internal replenishment tasks automatically while ensuring maximum accuracy and increased service levels for order fulfillment.  Serialized and/or lot products are managed and controlled. If you’re shipping out of a single warehouse or order multiple orders out of multiple warehouses CDI’s WMS has you covered.  

  • Paper or RF picking, or any combination of the two can be managed simultaneously.
  • Pick routes are optimization based on your warehouse facilities and Time Stamped for picker statistics.
  • System sends picking processor to best bin depending on quantity, item, cases, pallet, or any combination, simultaneously.
  • Provides Lot control, product rotation, and serial number tracking for recall and FIFO fulfilment Chasing for order shorts Bill of lading creation Shipping label generation and Repacking.
  • Provides for Invoice Printing at the warehouse.
  • Improves worker productivity, process improvement, and enhanced personnel utilization.
  • Delivers significant cost savings by eliminating excess inventory and “safety stock” Dramatically improved space utilization.
  • Elimination of data entry and product shipment errors improving customer service levels.

EDI Module

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the transmission between businesses of information in standard, computer-readable format. It includes electronic order placement, electronic shipping notification, electronic invoicing, and many other business transactions that computers can perform better than people. Companies began implementing EDI once they understand the importance of this essential business tool. If your company is not doing business using EDI, we believe you can benefit. With CDI’s EDI to experience greater efficiency for your company and customers. 

  • With EDI you Improved customer service by reducing errors.
  • Decreased Operating costs as paperwork and clerical tasks are reduced.
  • CDI’s EDI speeds up the delivery of goods, invoicing, and payments.
  • Provides more accurate and timely information.
  • Allows for better control over inventory and reduces safety stocks.
  • Facilitates faster account reconciliation.
  • Lowers accounts payable overhead.
  • Improves cash flow process freeing up capital for other investments and services.
  • Tactically enabling your organization to reduce operating costs and increase efficiency.
  • Strategically creating alliances with important trading partners and by differentiating its product and your offering from the competition.

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